(Waltz) Patrick Kelly's Waltz - Concertina

I learned this tune from "happy to meet" by P.J. Crotty, Carol Cullinan, James Cullinan.

I played a Jeffries C/G concertina.

(Waltz) Margaret's - Concertina

I learned this waltz from my wife recently. I like it, though I've never heard them playing it at sessions.

I played a Jeffries C/G concertina.

(Waltz) Midnight on the Water - Flute

I learned this waltz when I joined a session in Kyoto this month.

I played my new Delrin flute made by Rob Forbes.

I guess many people play it in bouncier rhythm and repeat the B part.

(Waltzes) Con Cassidy's, Jimmy Bhidi Mhici's - Concertina

I learned these waltzes from my friend several months ago.

I played a C/G Jeffries concertina.