(Polkas) Joan Crowley's, Din Tarrant's, The Siege of Ennis - Session

I joined a session in Osaka, Japan a few months ago. We rarely play polkas and slides at sessions though I like playing polkas and slides. :-)

I played my Grinter flute.

(Polkas) I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue, The Pig's aitin' Nuts in the Woods - House Session

We had a house session last Saturday.

This set is from "...born for sport."

(Polkas) Johnny Leary's, Tureengarbh Glen - Flute

I learned this set when I joined a session in Kyoto in May.

I played a Shannon polymer flute.

(Polkas) The Gullane, Downey's, The Roundabout - Flute

I had recorded three polkas using my Hamilton flute before I sold it.

(Polkas) Leather Away the Wattle-O, The Lakes of Sligo - Flute

I heard this set of polkas when I joined a session last year.

I played a Forbes D flute.

(Polkas) Leather Away the Wattle-O, Lakes of Sligo, Memories of Ballymote - Session

I joined a session at Murphy's on September 10, 2014. I think I hadn't played these polkas for a few years.

(Polkas) The Magic Slipper, The Little Diamond - Session

I joined a session at Murphy's on September 10, 2014. I learned this set from my friend during this Obon holidays.

You can find the set in "The Moneymusk" by Hammy Hamilton or "Sceal Eile" by Eoghan O'Sullivan and Gerry Harrington.

(Polkas) The Four Shoves no.1 & no.2 - House Session

We had recorded this set three years ago. We played it together again this month.

You can find both polkas in 100 Irish Polkas edited by Dave Mallinson. You can also learn them from Jackie Daly Agus Séamus Creagh.

My friend played his Saltarelle C#/D accordion and I played my Grinter D flute.

(Polkas) Matt Teehan's No. 2, Din Tarrant's - Session

We joined the session at the Wexford Tavern yesterday. A little boy, who came to the pub with his mother, plays the bodhran for the first time in his life!

(Polkas) Many a Wild Night, John Walsh's Polka, Daly's Mill - Flute

I learned these polkas from GLEANNTAN by Sliabh Notes.