Bodhran: Paraic Mc Neela

This is my wife's bodhran made by Paraic Mc Neela. I think she bought it about ten years ago at the music shop in Dublin. I guess it cost about 15,000 yen at that time.

Diameter : 40 cm / 16 inch
Rimsize : 10 cm / 4 inch
Edge : Cut-out

Paraic1 Paraic2 Paraic3 Paraic4

Paraic5 Paraic6 Paraic7 Paraic8

She has used it for live performances and recording for many years.

Bodhran: Brendan White

I bought a small bodhran from Brendan White for my daughter (and me) in October, 2012. It cost 235 euros including the shipping cost.

Diameter : 35 cm / 14 inch 
Rimsize : 10 cm / 4 inch
Skin : Single

Brendan1 Brendan2 Brendan3 Brendan4

Brendan5 Brendan6 Brendan7 Brendan8

He sent me five tippers for my daughter. Thanks!

Tippers1 Tippers2

And these are our old tippers...

Tippers3 Tippers4

Now, my daughter and I enjoy practicing the bodhran. Our teacher is my wife!