Flute(William Pond)

(Set Dance) The Humours of Bandon - Flute

This tune is a set dance that Edel Fox plays in her CD "Chords & Beryls"

I played my antique (William Pond) flute.

(Polkas) The Cullane, The Other Clog - Flute Solo

I learned this set from "Sceal Eile" by Eoghan O'Sullivan and Gerry Harrington.

I played my William Pond flute.

(Reels) The Blackhaired Lass, John Stenson's - Flute Solo

I learned both reels at the session, too.

I played my William Pond flute that I had bought in April.

(Polkas) Joan Crowley's, Farewell to Whiskey - Flute Solo

I played two polkas on my William Pond flute.

(Jigs) Castletown Conners, The Leitrim Jig - Flute Solo

I recorded two jigs using my William Pond flute.

I learned these tunes from Irish Traditional Music Book Two compiled by Michael Tubridy and published by CCE.

Irish Flute: William Pond

I bought a 1-key antique flute in D from The Irish Flute Store in April, 2013. It was made by William Pond more than 100 years ago. It cost 538 dollars including the shipping cost.

It is a quiet flute. It isn't easy for me to play, but I enjoy playing it very much!

Pond_1 Pond_2 Pond_3 Pond_4

Pond_5 Pond_6 Pond_7 Pond_8

There is a sign on each section.

  WM A. POND & Co.


         N. York



I sold this flute in 2015.