(Slides) Thadelo's, Micho Russell's - Flute Solo

I learned these slides at the session this month, too.

I played my Somers Delrin flute.

(Polkas) John Brosnan's, Nell Fee's - Flute Solo

I learned this set of polkas from my friend, too.

I played my Somers Delrin flute.

(Reels) The Boyne Hunt, The Humours of Tulla - Flute Solo

I recorded two reels using my Somers flute.

I learned this set from 60th Anniversary Celebration by The Tulla Céilí Band.

Young Tom Ennis, I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her (jigs) - Flute Solo

I think I learned these jigs at sessions in Tokyo, more than ten years ago.

I played my Somers flute.

This is the first time that I've recorded Irish tunes on my Somers flute. Though it's made of Delrin, it's a good flute!

Irish Flute: Garry Somers

I bought a keyless Garry Somers flute in D from The Irish Flute Store in January, 2012. It is made of Delrin.

It cost 400.75 dollars including the shipping cost. I think it's worth more than the price.

It's always in our living room. So, I can pick it up and play it anytime I want to.

Somers_1 Somers_2 Mark Middlejoint

Headjoint_1 Headjoint_2 Headjoint_3 Headjoint_4

P.S. I sold this flute in 2014.