(Jigs) The Mouse in the Cupboard, Fasten the Leg in Her - Flute

I learned this set from "The Flute Players of Roscommon Volume 1" produced by John Wynne.


I played a Shannon flute made of Polymer.


(Polkas) Johnny Leary's, Tureengarbh Glen - Flute

I learned this set when I joined a session in Kyoto in May.

I played a Shannon polymer flute.

Irish Flute: Shannon (Walt Sweet)

I ordered a Shannon flute through the Irish Flute Store in June, 2015. It took about three weeks to receive it in Osaka, Japan. It's a keyless D flute made of Polymer.


I think it's worth more than the price.


It's easy to play.


I guess the first finger hole is a little bigger and the sixth one is a little smaller than other flutes.


Shannon_1 Shannon_2 Shannon_3 Shannon_4


Shannon_5 Shannon_6 Shannon_7 Shannon_8

I sold this flute in 2019.