(Polkas) The Gullane, Downey's, The Roundabout - Flute

I had recorded three polkas using my Hamilton flute before I sold it.

(Slip Jig) The Kid on the Mountain - Flute

I think this tune is very popular in Japan. I always make some mistakes when I play it at sessions...

I played a Hamilton D flute.

(Reels) Drogheda Bay, I Have No Money - Flute

I learned this set from my friend when we held a house session last year.

I played a Hamilton D flute. It's still difficult for me to play in tune because I haven't got used to playing it.

The first reel is also called "Big Pat." I usually play it in a slightly different way.

(Reels) P. Joe's Swallow's Tail, Micho Russell's Fermoy Lasses - Flute

I learned this set from "Conversation at the Crosses" by Pat O'Connor & Eoghan O'Sullivan. The first tune is also called "Johnny's."

I played a Hamilton D flute.

Irish Flute : Hammy Hamilton

I bought a used keyless D flute made by Hammy Hamilton, in December 2014.

Its headjont is half-lined and its toneholes are big, bigger than my Olwell flute's.

Img_5152 Img_5127 Img_5131 Img_5137

Img_5138 Img_5141 Img_5143 Img_5148

I enjoy playing this great flute though I'm not a powerful player.

P.S. I sold this flute in 2015.