Flute(Francois Baubet)

(Reels) The Beauty Spot, Billy Brocker's - Flute Solo

I guess I learned these reels from my friends last year.

I played a Delrin flute made by Francois Baubet.

(Jig) The Lark in the Morning - Flute Solo

I learned this tune many years ago. It has 4 parts.

I played a keyless flute made by Francois Baubet.

Irish Flute: Francois Baubet

I bought a keyless flute in D from Francois Baubet in Feburary, 2013. It is made of Delrin. It cost 355 euros including the shipping cost.

I prefer my Baubet flute to my Somers flute, which is made of Delrin, too. Although my Baubet is quieter than my Somers, my Baubet is easier for me to play.

Both flutes are always in our living room. So, I can pick them up and play them anytime I want to.


I sold this flute in Japan in February, 2014.

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