(Polkas) Leather Away the Wattle-O, The Lakes of Sligo - Flute

I heard this set of polkas when I joined a session last year.

I played a Forbes D flute.

(Waltz) Midnight on the Water - Flute

I learned this waltz when I joined a session in Kyoto this month.

I played my new Delrin flute made by Rob Forbes.

I guess many people play it in bouncier rhythm and repeat the B part.

(Jigs) Strike the Gay Harp, Jim O'Connor's (The Munster) - Flute

I learned this set from "In Good Company" by Kevin Crawford. I love the CD and his flute playing!

I played my new Forbes flute. It's made of Delrin.

Irish Flute: Rob Forbes

I ordered a keyless flute in D from Rob Forbes in August, 2014. I received it in January, 2015. So, the waiting time was about 5 months.

It is made of Delrin. It is tunable, but its headjoint isn't lined. I bought a soft vinyl pouch from him, too.

I think it's a loud flute!

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P.S. I sold this flute to my friend in 2015.