(Slides) Liz Kelly's, Dan O'Keefe's - Flute

I played my Cochran flute made of Delrin.

(Hornpipes) The Mountain Ranger, The Harp and Shamrock - Flute

I learned this set from "Fourmilehouse" by Alan & John Kelly. I guess the second tune is more popular than the first one.

I played a Cochran Delrin flute.

(Jigs) The White Petticoat, Father O'Flynn - Flute

I quickly recorded a set of jigs using my new Cochran flute, which is made of Delrin.

Although I learned these jigs many years ago, I seldom play them...

I recorded this set again the next day, using the same flute.

I guess this is a little better than a previous recording.

Irish Flute : Cochran (Jon Cornia)

I bought a used keyless D flute made by Jon Cornia from him, in December 2014. It is made from Delrin modeled after a large holed Rudall. It has attractive sterling silver rings! Its headjont is half-lined.

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

Because its C and C# were too flat for me, I asked Jon to adjust that. He said that it's a common problem with the original design of 8-key conical flutes. He was kind enough to do some fine adjustments for me immediately.


I sold this flute to my friend. He is a good whistle player.