The Rambler, Mist in the Meadow (jigs) - Flute Solo

I sold my 8 keyed anonymous flute today. I'm going to ship it next Monday. So, I recorded one more set today. using the flute.

I learned this set from The Moneymusk by Hammy Hamilton. The first jig is one of my favourite tunes.

Padraig O'keeffe's Favourite, Bunratty Boys (slide) - Flute Solo

I learned these slides from Music For The Sets - the blue book  compiled by David J Taylor. I've learned many Irish tunes from this book!

I played a 8 keyed anonymous flute in D.

The Lodge Road (set dance) - Flute Solo

I learned this set dance from Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor by Geraldine Cotter.

(Set Dance) The Lodge Road by Tomoyuki

I played a 8 keyed anonymous flute in D . It's very interesting to play the antique flute!

Irish Flute: Anonymous Flute

This is a 8 keyed anonymous flute in D.

I bought it on ebay in October, 2010. It cost 310 pounds.

Anonymous_flute_1  Anonymous_flute_2  Anonymous_flute_3_headjoint

Anonymous_flute_4_adjustable_cork  Anonymous_flute_5_bore  Anonymous_flute_6_bore_2

Because it had no case, I made one by myself. I bought a box, which is made of paulownia wood, and urethane foam. I cut urethane foam and laid it in the box. The case is very light because it is made of paulownia wood.

Anonymous_flute_7_case  Anonymous_flute_8_case

The A and B notes were too sharp. I put some cork in the tone holes to flatten both notes. Now, they are in tune.

There were cracks on the headjoint. I fill them by myself, because it costs about 20,000 yen to have it repaired in Tokyo.

Anonymous_flute_9_tone_hole_2  Anonymous_flute_10_crack  Anonymous_flute_11_crack

Though it's a very quiet flute, I've enjoyed playing and repairing it.

P.S. I sold this flute in 2011.