(Jigs) A Thousand Farewells, Man in the Bog - Concertina

I learned this set from "The Long Trip Home" by Joshua Dukes.

I played a Morse concertina (Ceili) that I had bought recently. It's a good concertina though I haven't been accustomed to playing it.

Anglo concertina: Morse

I had wanted to play a Morse concertina someday. I found this used C/G Morse (Ceili) on its maker's website (The Button Box) and bought it in 2016. It was made in 2008.

Layout : Jeffries layout
Reedpan : Parallel reedpan
Bellows : 6 fold bellows
Ends : Flat wood ends
Keys : 30 plastic (Delrin) keys

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It has good accordion reeds. It's very responsive, but I think it's not as responsive as my Edgley that I had before.

It's easy for me to play because it's very light and its buttons are comfortable.


I sold this concertina after I had enjoyed playing it.