Concertina(H. Crabb & Son)

(Jigs) The Creel of Turf, The Eavesdropper - Concertina

I played two jigs that I had learned more than ten years ago.

I played my H. Crabb & Son concertina that I had repaired.

Repairing my H. Crabb & Son concertina

I bought a H. Crabb & Son anglo concertina through eBay last month. It seems to be made circa 1951.

It has traditional concertina reeds. I don't know any other concertina makers that used traditional concertina reeds in 1950s or 1960s.

19 20

I think there were high-end Crabb concertinas that were as good as Jeffries around 1900. But this Crabb isn't so responsive though it's worth the price. I guess it's as good as a Lachenal that I had before.

15 16_2

Because it had some flaws, I fixed them.

First, I attached felt to the reed pan and the bellows frame so that air doesn't leak from gaps in the reed chambers.

1_2 2
3 4
5 6

Second, I adjusted gaps between the reed tongues and the reed frames using Tuning Bellows.

Third, I tuned the fourteen reeds that weren't in tune, using Tuning Bellows and files. It took about half a day.


Fourth, I replaced the old pads.

Pad1 Pad2

Fifth, I replaced old and worn-out hand straps.

11 12

It took about two days for me to repair this Crabb. I enjoyed repairing it very much as usual.

I played a set dance using this Crabb. I like its tone.

Anglo concertina: H. Crabb and Son

I bought a used C/G Crabb anglo concertina through eBay in April, 2015.

Layout : Wheatstone layout
Reedpan : Parallel reedpan
Bellows : 6 fold bellows
Ends : Flat metal ends
Keys : 31 metal keys

It's not so was made in 1951. It has lovely tone.

It is less responsive than the Crabb we had before, but it's much less expensive!

E1 E2 E3 E4
E5 E6 E7 E8
E9_2 E10 E11 E12


I sold this concertina to my friend. He is an accordion player.