Concertina(Edgley - Heritage model)

(Jigs) Mac's Fancy, The Yellow Wattle - Concertina

I recorded this set again using a Edgley 'Heritage model' concertina. It's a good set!

I had recorded this set using a Ab/Eb Jeffries concertina, a few months ago.

(Reels) The Shoemaker's Daughter, Touch Me If You Dare - Concertina

I learned the first tune when I joined a session in Hyogo (Japan) in May.

I recorded this set again.

I played a Edgley 'Heritage model' concertina, which has concertina reeds.

(Hornpipe) The Golden Eagle - Concertina

I learned this tune from my friend in May. The B part is difficult for me to play smoothly...

I played a Edgley 'Heritage model' concertina, which has concertina reeds.

(Reels) Paddy Fahey's, Paddy Fahey's - Concertina

I learned this set when I joined a session in Hyogo (Japan) in May. I can't play both reels on the flute. So, I played them on the concertina.

I played my Edgley concertina (Heritage model) that I had bought recently. I haven't got used to playing it yet...

Anglo concertina: Edgley - Heritage model

I bought a C/G anglo concertina from Frank Edgley in September, 2015. It'a a Heritage model which has concertina reeds.

Edgley1 Edgley2 Edgley3 Edgley4

Edgley5 Edgley6 Edgley7 Edgley8

Layout : Modified Wheatsone layout 
Reedpan : Radial reedpan
Bellows : 7 fold bellows
Ends : Metal ends
Keys : 30 Delrin keys

It plays loud and brightly. I can play it as if I played a Suttner concertina. I guess the tone of Suttner concertinas is a little brighter than the one of Edgley Heritage models.

Although it isn't as good as Dipper or Jeffries, I guess it's worth the price.

It has riveted concertina reeds (reed tongues are riveted on reed frames) and hook action. And it has wider bellows frames than our other concertinas.

Reed Reedpan1 Reedpan2 Reedpan3

Action1 Action2 Action3 Action4_2

Because its B-flat reed on the left-hand side had metallic tinkling sound when I received it, I realigned the reed using a small blade according to Frank's advice. At last, it stopped making tinkling sound. Thanks, Frank!

And I adjusted its low-G reed on the left-hand side because it wasn't very responsive. Other reeds that I use when I play Irish music were responsive.

Frank offers good custom-fitted cases or waterproof storm cases. I chose the latter because it's cheaper than the former.

Edgley_case1 Edgley_case2


I sold this concertina to a Japanese concertina player after I had enjoyed playing it.