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Welcome to my blog!

I've enjoyed playing Irish traditional music for many years in Japan. I usually play the Irish flute. I sometimes play the anglo concertina.

Satomi (my wife) also plays Irish traditional music. She plays the concertina, whistle and bodhran. She plays much better than me!


There are more than 500 recordings on my blog. I usually record Irish tunes alone though I'm not a good player.

I love playing set dances, so I recorded many set dances.


Satomi and I recorded some tunes together.


There are lots of recordings I did when I joined sessions.


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We've tried more than ten concertinas so far.


And I've tried about twenty flutes.


I like repairing concertinas, too.


I built a Clover Kit in 2012.



I hope you enjoy my blog!


Photos of Anglo Concertinas

Jeffries_concertina_1 Lachenal_concertina_1 Dipper_1

I've uploaded the photos of the anglo concertinas that Satomi and I have played on this blog, too. I prefer photos of concertinas to ones of flutes.


We've played thirteen concertinas...

< Concertinas that we play now >

Jeffries - C/G,Bb/F,Ab/Eb ( 38 keys )

Crabb - C/G ( 38 keys )

Dipper - C/G

Suttner - C/G ( 38 keys )

Clover Kit - C/G ( accordion reed )

Rochelle - C/G ( accordion reed )

< Concertinas that we've sold >

Wheatstone - C/G

Lachenal - C/G

Wakker - C/G

Edgley - C/G ( accordion reed )

Norman - C/G ( accordion reed )

# Wakker, Clover and Rochelle are made by Wim and Karen Wakker.

We enjoy playing concertinas of several makers. Especially, I love playing antique concertinas because I love its warm and sweet tone.

And I enjoy repairing concertinas!


17 1209090025 1211230014_right2

Bush11 Spare_reeds1 Tuning_bellows1

Thank you for coming to my blog!

Photos of Irish Flutes

Hawkes_flute_2 Anonymous_flute_2 Pond_2

I've uploaded the photos of the Irish flutes that I've played for more than 10 years on this blog. I wonder if you enjoy them...


I've played the flutes of 15 makers...

< Flutes that I use now >

Michael Grinter - D flute ( 6 keys ) & C flute

Patrick Olwell - D flute

Francois Baubet - D flute

Steffen Gabriel - D flute

William Pond - D flute ( 1 key )

Garry Somers - D flute

Glenn Watson - Eb flute

< Flutes that I sold >

Sweetheart - D flute

Martin Doyle - D flute

Eamonn Cotter - D flutes ( 6 keys & keyless )

Sam Murray - D flute

Anonymous Antique Flute - D flute ( 8 keys )

Hawkes & Son - Eb flute (8 keys)

Copley & Boegli - Eb flute

George Ormiston - C flute

It's very interesting for me to play many flutes of many makers.

Headjoint_4 Gabriel_6 Pond_4

Thank you for coming to my blog!

C and Eb Flute, Bb/F and Ab/Eb Concertina

Hawkes_flute_1 Copley_2 Watson_1

There are some recordings where I played the C flute, Eb flute, Bb/F concertina or Ab/Eb concertina on this blog.

C Flute(16 recordings)

Eb Flute(15 recordings)

Bb/F Concertina(11 recordings)

Ab/Eb Concertina(6 recordings) 

Playing the C and Eb flutes are interesting. But I haven't got used to playing them, yet. And C flutes need much more air...

I like playing the Bb/F and Ab/Eb concertina because they make Irish tunes more mellow.

Now, I'm looking for a baritone anglo concertina...

Bbf_jeffries_concertina_1 Ab_eb_1 Grinter_flute_c_1

Thank you for reading!

258 Recordings So Far

Hawkes_flute_3_case Hawkes_flute_1 Wakker_concertina_10_case Wakker_concertina_1

I've recorded Irish tunes since January, 2011. There are 258 recordings on this blog (and YouTube) so far.

Reel (83 recordings)

Jig (73 recordings)

Set Dance (41 recordings)

Polka (20 recordings)

Slide (11 recordings)

Hornpipe (11 recordings)

Slip Jig (7 recordings)

Barndance (5 recordings)

Fling (2 recordings)

Mazurka (2 recordings)

March (1 recording)

Quadrille (1 recording)

O'Carolan (1 recording)

I usually play two or three tunes as a set, except for set dances and long jigs.

I've recorded many set dances because I love them. If you know other good set dances, please let me know!

There are some recordings that I recorded when I joined sessions.

Session & Live (46 recordings)

This blog is helpful to me when I decide which set I play at the session.

I've recorded some tunes with my wife, Satomi. She played the concertina and I played the flute. She plays Irish music much better than me. :-)

Concertina and Flute Duet (22 recordings)

There are so many good Irish tunes that we can't be tired of playing Irish music!

Thank you for reading!

Case_1 Dipper_1 Grinter_flute_3_case Grinter_flute_1