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Clover Anglo Kit (Part 8) - Fine tuning the reeds

January 13, 14

I fine-tuned the reeds yesterday and today. It's a little difficult but very interesting.

First, I checked every reed's pitch using my tuner. Many reeds are too high.

Tuning_1_2 Tuning_2_2 Tuning_3

Then, I began scratching 38 reeds whose pitch were too high or low. It took about 8 hours for me to scratch them all!

Left Hand Silde

Tuning_r_1_2 Tuning_r_2_2 Tuning_r_3 

Right Hand Silde

Tuning_l_1 Tuning_l_2

I've finished fine-tuning much earlier than I thought. I enjoyed it very much!


Anglo concertina: Clover Anglo Kit

I bought a C/G Clover anglo concertina kit from Wim Wakker in August, 2012. I finished building it in December, 2012, except for fine tuning.

It cost 1450 dollars including a gig bag and the shipping cost.

Layout : Wheatstone layout. 
Reeds : Italian accordion reeds
Bellows : 6 fold bellows
Ends : Flat Wood ends
Keys : 30 metal keys

It's responsive, but not so responsive as Edgley concertinas. As you know, Edgley concertinas are much more expensive than Clover kits.

( February 1, 2014 )

I had received an email from Wim Wakker. He wrote "When key travel is adjusted to 3mm and the reeds set correctly, you'll find that the Clover is much more responsive."

So, I adjusted key travel from 4-5mm to 3mm as he writes in "Manual for the Clover anglo kit".

Thanks to Wim's advice, my Clover is much more responsive! I think it's nearly as responsive as Edgley now.

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

9 10 11 12

Gig bag

13 14

From L to R : Rochelle, Wakker Concertina, Clover Kit

15 16 17 18

19 20

I quickly recorded a set of two reels on my Clover concertina.

And I asked my wife to play a tune on it.


I sold this concertina in 2016.

Clover Anglo Kit (Part 7)

November 28


I received five levers from Concertina Connection (Wim Wakker) for free. Thank you!

I installed the last lever on the action board.

December 1


I installed the accordion reeds on the reed pans.

I assembled the bellows and the ends. When the concertina made sound, I was really relieved.

Because two notes (Pull "D" and "B" in the middle row of the left-hand side ) choked when played loudly, I carefully bended the reeds up.


I finished building my Clover Anglo Kit except for fine tuning. Though it took much time, I've enjoyed it very much and learned many things about concertinas.

1212010062_parts 1212010065_box

Clover Anglo Kit (Part 6)

Yesterday, I mounted the bellows on the bellows frames.

November 23

1211230011_right1 1211230014_right2 1211230018_right3 1211230015_right4

1211230012_left1_2 1211230013_left2 1211230020_left3 1211230016_left4_2

I let the bellows dry under a weight (many music books).

1211230022_weight1 1211230024_weight2


1211230001 1211230003 1211230005 1211230008

Clover Anglo Kit (Part 5)

November 17

1211170009 1211170013 1211170014 1211170021

1211170015 1211170018 1211170022 1211170023

Today, I accidentally broke a lever while I was bending it...

1211170036_2 1211170038_2

I'm asking Concertina Connection (Wim Wakker) to send me
a few levers now...

Clover Anglo Kit (Part 4)

October 14

I riveted 31 levers. It took lots of time for me to rivet them all!

1210140001 1210140005 1210140008 1210140012

November 3

I installed the red bushing felt in the holes of the buttons. I enjoyed it!

1211030048 1211030052 1211030051

Clover Anglo Kit (Part 3)

September 9

1209220024 1209220026 1209220028

I rounded off the corners of the bellows frames, using a sanding block.

September 30

1209300002 1209300004 1209300007 1209300005

I cut the chamois leather with an exacto knife.

1209300009 1209300011 

...and installed the chamois leather on the back of the reed pans.

1209300015 1209300017

...and installed the reed pans under the action boards

1209300020 1209300021

I installed the hand rails on the face plates.

Clover Anglo Kit (Part 2)

I've stained the ends with a water based paint.

September 9

1209090017 1209090019 1209090021

Don't stain the bellows frames, please...

1209090024 1209090025

I stained the hand rails the same color (dark brown) .


I've enjoyed it very much!


Clover Anglo Kit (Part 1)


I started building my Clover Anglo Kit. I hope I can learn how to build concertinas and repair my antique concertinas much better.

August 19

1208190018_2 1208190019

August 25

1208250004 1208250005

Now, I'm sanding the ends, using a sanding block.

I guess it will take more than a year for me to finish building this kit.

I enjoy building it!