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I've enjoyed playing Irish traditional music for many years in Japan. I usually play the Irish flute. I sometimes play the anglo concertina.

Satomi (my wife) also plays Irish traditional music. She plays the concertina, whistle and bodhran. She plays much better than me!


There are more than 500 recordings on my blog. I usually record Irish tunes alone though I'm not a good player.

I love playing set dances, so I recorded many set dances.


Satomi and I recorded some tunes together.


There are lots of recordings I did when I joined sessions.


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We've tried more than ten concertinas so far.


And I've tried about twenty flutes.


I like repairing concertinas, too.


I built a Clover Kit in 2012.



I hope you enjoy my blog!


Anglo concertina: Carroll

I ordered a C/G anglo concertina (small instrument) from Wally Carroll in October, 2015. I received it in April, 2018. So, the waiting time was about two and a half years.

Layout : Carroll layout
Bellows : 6 fold bellows
Ends : walnut burl ends
Keys : 30 brass keys

It's very responsive. I guess it's quicker than Suttner or Wakker though it's not quicker than Dipper.

I really enjoy playing it!

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15 16

(Hornpipes) Fitzgerald's, The Few Bob - Flute

I learned this set from "Rooska Hill" by Éamonn O'Riordan and Tony O'Connell.

I played my Grinter D flute.

(Reels) Over the Moor to Maggie, The Cup of Tea, The Woman of the House, The Mossy Banks - Session

I joined a session last August in Osaka, Japan. The fiddlers were mighty and splendid!

I played my Grinter flute.

(Jigs) The Humours of Kesh, The Hag with the Money - Session

I joined a session last August in Osaka, Japan. I love the second tune!

I played my Grinter flute.

(Polkas) Joan Crowley's, Din Tarrant's, The Siege of Ennis - Session

I joined a session in Osaka, Japan a few months ago. We rarely play polkas and slides at sessions though I like playing polkas and slides. :-)

I played my Grinter flute.

(Jigs) Bean Chairdin, The Traditional - Concertina

I learned this set at a session in Osaka, Japan a few months ago. The second jig is an Ed Reavy tune.

I played a 28-button Lachenal concertina.

(Slides) Barrack Hill, Maggie in the Woods, Dan O'Keefe's - Session

I joined a session in Osaka, Japan last month. I love playing slides at sessions!

I played my Grinter flute.

(Jigs) A Thousand Farewells, Man in the Bog - Concertina

I learned this set from "The Long Trip Home" by Joshua Dukes.

I played a Morse concertina (Ceili) that I had bought recently. It's a good concertina though I haven't been accustomed to playing it.

Irish Flute: Vincenzo Di Mauro

I ordered a keyless flute in D from Vincenzo Di Mauro (VDM) in August, 2015. I received it in May, 2016. So, the waiting time was about 9 months.

It is made of Delrin and has a fully lined headjoint. It came here without a case.

I like its tone, especially high notes. And it's easy for me to hold though I have small hands.

I guess that G and A in the second octave are a little sharp for me.

1_2 2_2 3 4

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I sold this flute in 2016.

Anglo concertina: Morse

I had wanted to play a Morse concertina someday. I found this used C/G Morse (Ceili) on its maker's website (The Button Box) and bought it in 2016. It was made in 2008.

Layout : Jeffries layout
Reedpan : Parallel reedpan
Bellows : 6 fold bellows
Ends : Flat wood ends
Keys : 30 plastic (Delrin) keys

Photo_5 Photo_6 Photo_7 Photo_8

Photo_9 Photo_10 Photo_11 Photo_12

Photo_13 Photo_14 1 2

It has good accordion reeds. It's very responsive, but I think it's not as responsive as my Edgley that I had before.

It's easy for me to play because it's very light and its buttons are comfortable.


I sold this concertina after I had enjoyed playing it.

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