Welcome to my blog!

I've enjoyed playing Irish traditional music for many years in Japan. I usually play the Irish flute. I sometimes play the anglo concertina.

Satomi (my wife) also plays Irish traditional music. She plays the concertina, whistle and bodhran. She plays much better than me!


There are more than 500 recordings on my blog. I usually record Irish tunes alone though I'm not a good player.

I love playing set dances, so I recorded many set dances.


Satomi and I recorded some tunes together.


There are lots of recordings I did when I joined sessions.


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We've tried more than ten concertinas so far.


And I've tried about twenty flutes.


I like repairing concertinas, too.


I built a Clover Kit in 2012.



I hope you enjoy my blog!


(Jigs) The Crows of Lacken, The Lark in the Strand - Conertina

I learned this set from "Bean Chairdin" by Dympna O'Sullivan.

I played my top Lachenal.

(Jigs) The Mouse in the Cupboard, Fasten the Leg in Her - Flute

I learned this set from "The Flute Players of Roscommon Volume 1" produced by John Wynne.


I played a Shannon flute made of Polymer.


(Jigs) The Peacock's Feather, Petticoat Loose - Session

I joined a session at Murphy's last Wednesday. I'd learned this set from "The Top of Coom" by Conal O Grada.


I played my Grinter flute.

(Hornpipes) Bantry Bay, The Smell of the Bog - Session

I joined a session at Murphy's last Wednesday. I'd learned this set from "Traditional Irish Music From London" by John Blake, Lamond Gillespie and Mick Leahy.

I played my Grinter flute.

(Reels) Pigtown, Hughie Travers' - Session

I joined a session at Murphy's last Wednesday. I'd learned the second tune from my friend a few months ago.

I played my Grinter flute. I used a long C key when I played the second tune.

(Reels) Mullingar Lea, The New Road - Flute

I guess I learned this set when I joined a session in Osaka last year. Both tunes are difficult for me to play smoothly...

I played my Grinter flute.

(Jigs) The Blooming Meadows, Tonra's - Flute

I learned this set from "Traditional Flute Music in the Sligo-Roscommon Style" by Catherine McEvoy.

I played my Grinter flute.

(Jigs) The Orphan, Clancy's - Concertina

I learned this set from my friend last year. I like playing the first tune on the concertina!

I played my special (top) Lachenal.


Setting the Reed and Patching the Gusset Leak

I repaired our Ab/Eb Jeffries concertina last weekend.

1 Settin the Reed

The low F reed on the left-hand side sometimes had stalled on initial button press. So, I increased the gab between the reed tongue tip and the reed frame slightly. Now, it never stalls!


This is the reed pan of the left-hand side. Reeds of low notes are much more difficult for me to set than ones of the high notes.



2 Patching the Gusset Leak

Our Ab/Eb Jeffries has old bellows. I patched a gusset leak using a piece of leather.


First, I patched it from inside the bellows.


Then, I patched it from outside to make sure...



It took a few hours to repair it. Now, it's easier for me to play than before.

Adjusting the Key Travel

Yesterday, I adjusted the key travel of our Bb/F Jeffries concertina.

According to "The Concertina Maintenance Manual," the key vertical travel should be around 3.0 to 3.5 mm. But, its key travel of the right-hand side was more than 5 mm.


I added one more felt washer (button damper) to every key.




It took about half an hour for me to add twenty felt washers. Now, it's easier for me to play than before.

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