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2017年4月16日 (日)

読みました(ノンフィクション) ~ THE HAPPINESS PROJECT

先日読みましたGretchen Rubin氏の「Better Than Before」が、読みやすい英語で分かりやすく、自分の為にもなったので、本書も読んでみることにしました。少し古くて、2009年の著作です。


"...I didn't want to reject my life. I wanted to change my life without changing my life, by finding more happiness in my own kitchen."




January : boost energy - Vitality
  Go to sleep earlier.
  Exercise better.
  Toss, restore, organize.
  Tackle a nagging task.
  Act more energetic.

February : remember love - Marriage
  Quit nagging.
  Don't expect praise or appreciation.
  Fight right.
  No dumping.
  Give proofs of love.

March : aim higher - Work
  Launch a blog.
  Enjoy the fun of failure.
  Ask for help.
  Work smart.
  Enjoy now.

April : lighten up - Parenthood
  Sing in the morning.
  Acknowledge the reality of people's feelings.
  Be a treasure house of happy memories.
  Take time for projects.

May : be serious about play - Leisure
  Find more fun.
  Take time to be silly.
  Go off the path.
  Start a collection.

June : make time for friends - Friendship
  Remember birthdays.
  Be generous.
  Show up.
  Don't gossip.
  Make three new friends.

July : buy some happiness - Money
  Indulge in a modest splurge.
  Buy needful things.
  Spend out.
  Give something up.

August : contemplate the heavens - Eternity
  Read memoirs of catastrophe.
  Keep a gratitude notebook.
  Imitate a spiritual master.

September : pursue a passion - Books
  Write a novel.
  Make time.
  Forget about results.
  Master a new technology.

October : pay attention - Mindfulness
  Meditate on koans.
  Examine True Rules.
  Stimulate the mind in new ways.
  Keep a food diary.

November : keep a contented heart - Attitude
  Laugh out loud.
  Use good manners.
  Give positive reviews.
  Find an area of refuge.

December : boot camp perfect - Happiness




All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking...

Although people believe they like to have lots of choice, in fact, having too many choices can be discouraging.

...even an artificially induced smile brings about happier emotions...

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

...we unconsciously overestimate our contributions or skills relative to other people.

It takes at least five positive marital actions to offset one critical or destructive action...

We are happy when we are growing.

By doing a little bit each day, you can get a lot accomplished.

If you're not failing, you're not trying hard enough.

...much of children's frustration comes not from being forced to do this or that but rather from the sheer fact that they're being ignored.

...people tend to persevere longer with problems they've been told are difficult as opposed to easy.

Studies show that recalling happy times helps boost happiness in the present.

What you enjoyed as a ten-year-old is probably something you'd enjoy now.

It's easier to complain than to laugh, easier to yell than to joke around, easier to be demanding than to be satisfied.

What's fun for other people may not be fun for you - and vice versa.

No deposit, no return.


私にとっては、「Better Than Before」よりも単語が少し難しく、すらすらとは読めませんでしたが、それでもなかなか良い本でした。「Better Than Before」の方がよりお勧めですが、本書も読んでみる価値は十分あると思います。より幸せになる為のヒントが、沢山見つかると思いますよ。

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